Personal Interview

Knowing the candidates deeper

Posted by M Vargas on November 24, 2017

Eighteen students were notified that they had passed to the second phase of the CS50 AP Puyo’s selection process. In addition, they were asked to complete a personality test based on Jung’s and Briggs Myers’ typology. When all of them sent the results of this test, they were randomly scheduled for a personal interview. In order to avoid having some applicants in advantage of the others, they were sent six of the ten questions of the interview, and the remaining four questions, that they did not know, were selected randomly from a list of 28 questions.

On November 21st, 2017 the interviews started. Each interview took 25 minutes on average, and the main purpose was to know more about the attitude of each applicant. The personality test they previously took was helpful because I was able to deal with the students that were either extrovert or introvert. I can state that all candidates shown they were nice, kind and polite. I should recognize that San Vicente Ferrer High School, a.k.a. Vicentino, has done an outstanding job fostering values among their alumni. In addition, considering the results of the technical test, it was a subtle task to determine the students who were going to obtain the eight available seats for the course.

I conducted 4 or 5 interviews every day, and I recorded every single interview in order to ask some of my friends to also evaluate the candidates, so I could have different outlooks of how they performed. It was becoming harder to choose them because all of the were showing relevant qualities. Thus, I started to focus on qualities as ambition, curiosity, creativity, responsibility, hard-work, dedication, organization, and honesty. During each interview I tried to push each candidate to his limit because the course was not going to be an easy course. I knew in advance that the selected students were going to be discourage more than once, so I was looking for a clear signal that they were people who love challenges, and I also wanted people who were going to support and help other people, so they could not only motivate their their classmates but also aid students in the next version of CS50 AP Puyo.

It was October 24th, 2017, and I had completed the interviews. At this point, I was thinking about selecting 16 students because I did not want too many students to feel bad for being rejected. Nonetheless, it was going to be hard to manage 16 students, and for a moment, I even thought of taking 12 of them because that number was a good number to divide students into groups of 2, 3, 4 or 6, in case it was required. I was feeling as a recruiter of a top university that sees many potential candidates, but there are just a limited amount of slots available. In the end, I had to put my feelings aside, and I continued with the original plan of having 8 seats for the course.